"The Fifth International Symposium on Politeness" (30 June – 2 July 2010), to be held at the University of Basel, brings together an international group of researchers who study the interpersonal aspect of language usage. New theories of politeness and impoliteness are being tested and discussed in this conference series. The special theme for the Basel conference is “Politeness and impoliteness, on- and offline” and thus focuses on language usage in computer-mediated communication (CMC). How interactants negotiate the relational aspect of language use in computer-mediated contexts is a subject matter which has received scant attention to date in linguistic politeness research. The combination of politeness research with studies on CMC thus promises to result in innovative and cutting edge studies.

Plenary speakers:

- Dr. Derek Bousfield, University of Central Lancashire, UK

- Prof. Dr. Alexandra Georgakopoulou, King’s College, London, UK

- Dr. Michael Haugh, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

- Prof. emer. Richard J. Watts, University of Berne, CH

The Linguistic Politeness Research Group -
LPRG - organized previous meetings of this conference series in different locations:

- Loughborough (2002), special theme: Politeness and power

- Nottingham (2005), special theme: Multidisciplinary perspectives on language and culture

- Leeds (2007), special theme: Situated politeness

- Budapest (2008), special theme: East meets West

The 2011 meeting will be held in Ankara, Turkey, 11-13 July. More information available at: http://6sympol.metu.edu.tr

In addition, the research community organized two conferences on impoliteness:

- Huddersfield (2006), LIAR I, Linguistic impoliteness and rudeness

- Lancaster (2009), LIAR II, Linguistic impoliteness and rudeness